go where you’re loved

go where you're valued
go where you're loved
go where your prescence is wanted
and hugged
go where you're welcome
go where there's joy
go where the flow of heart centre's the toy

go where there's ease
go where there's peace
go to alignment
compassion and truth
go where there's total acceptance
and love
go where there's value, respect
white doves

listen to your heart
follow the sound
listen to the beats
get your heart off the ground
listen to the call
of the joy of your heart
listen to the beats of
pure passionate darts

passion for life
passion for words
passion for music
to hear and be heard
passion for self
leads to passion for others
listen and you'll go where you're loved and you're valued

happiness to you
to one and to all
happy you will be if you surrender to the call
surrender to the truth of your heart centred cries
there cries say bye byes to loud lies and demise

so listen to your heart
and value your voice
trust your own words and
respect your heart's cries
don't despise your cries
your yearnings, your pain
hear it and feel it, release it again

then welcome true peace
welcome pure joy
say hi to self love
you are worthy of joy
worthy to live in a heart centred flow
to choose what you'll do, who you'll meet, where you'll go

you are worthy
you are beautiful
you are worthy of value
you are a unique soul
your words are fire
your voice can be heard
your beauty goes deeper than image,
what you wear

stand together
connect with yourself
love yourself deeply
only accept respect
then wait as you see
who you bump into
genuine connections, integrity and truth

your creative expression
is a sweet sound
to the souls who still love you
when your heart's on the ground
to the souls who meet you
from a place of deep truth
integrity compassion
sweet juice

so beautiful soul
go where you're loved
beautiful soul
you are valued, white dove
beautiful soul
you are wanted, with joy
your presence is welcomed
true love's the best toy

- Gwyneth Dougan -
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