note to self, 2021

Lazy Calm – The Future Sound of XYZ

just any physical embrace

cannot replace

the powerful gaze

of an energetic embrace

~ India Rose Arts ~

This is a note to self, to move gently up the emotional scale. Embrace within gently… meet ourselves where we are… because nothing can replace, the powerful gaze of an energetic embrace from within ourselves.

~Emotional Scale - Abraham Hicks ~

Joy / appreciation / empowered / freedom / love
Enthusiasm / eagerness / happiness
Positive expectation / belief
Frustration / irritation / impatience
Hatred / rage
Insecurity / guilt / unworthiness
Fear / grief / depression / despair / powerlessness

alignment autistic artist balance within christ consciousness divine feminine inner healing inner peace journey to self love love poetry masculine feminine energies poetry sacred union spiritual journey storytelling trauma recovery vibrate higher

go where you’re loved

go where you’re valued go where you’re loved go where your prescence is wanted and hugged go where you’re welcome go where there’s joy go where the flow of heart centre’s the toy go where there’s ease go where there’s peace go to alignment compassion and truth go where there’s total acceptance and love go […]

A Love Divine

A love bizarre a love divine Sacred love Doesn’t run out of time Naked love Sees truth sees signs Real love Bears no concept of time A love deep A love real A love that begins Behind the veil Christ conscious Spiritual tale Sacred love cannot fail Love divine Begins and ends With self awareness […]

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